Sit-stand platform

A Liftyfit sit-stand platform could be made in a range of different variants:

+ Variants of different sizes (for tablet PC, notebook, monitor + keyboard, small / large users)
+ Variants of different materials (stainless steel, steel or aluminum powder coated, plastic, glass, wood, high pressure laminate, combinations)
+ Variants with different design (shapes, colors, surfaces, value, cult factor)
+ Business variants, consumer variants with different Prices
+ Variants with only one height, but less expensive:


There are numerous opportunities for accessories. Examples include:

+ (Slant) support plates mountable to the work plate for e.g. large keyboards plus mouse pad or for papers.
+ Gas springs for larger Liftyfit Versions
+ Cable ducts, fan trays, carrying bag, motor drive, reading light (both possibly with USB power)
+ Replaceable work plate surfaces for advertising purposes, corporate identity etc.


Beyond the use as a sit-stand platform, the Liftyfit principle may be transferred to various other applications:

Built-in version

+ Flush mounted in a milled cut out of a desk or a kitchen worktop and e.g. supported by gas springs.


+ Robust design that is in an inclined position when lifted, on which one can rest one’s arms, place a notebook or paper documents.
+ Lightweight portable version, which is in an inclined position when lifted:


+ Food grade, resistant for cutting / cleaning etc., allows working in a pleasant height, can be stored vertically; can be placed in the dishwasher.
+ Small recipe stand.

Workshop area

+ Robust design, where you can see and edit objects and instruments also temporarily in a comfortable working height.
+ Variant with perforated or transparent work plate, when you can see objects on the support plate also from below.


+ Beamer or projector stand, which is easily folded and stored away when not in use.

Living room

+ Occasional table.
+ Heavy-duty stackable variant which serves as a stool when needed.