Our shown version of Liftyfit is in an industrialization state for mass production where

+ features of all important parts of Liftyfit are known
+ numerous tests have been done to ensure the functionality of the product in use
+ various quotations for the molding tools are available
+ for all parts we have got quotations (for production in Germany) for various quantities and materials
+ quotations for the assembly including packaging are available
+ user manual is available
+ dimensions for different product variants are available
+ we also have got patterns and quotations of possible cardboard packages

The product pictures show a fully functional model , where

+ the base plate and work plate are CNC milled out of HPL (high pressure laminate). The tensile strenght of these both plates is similar to the material pre-selected for mass production.

+ all other inner plastic parts are made by selective laser sintering out of white polyamide with 30% of fiber glass.

While the functional model can easily support up to 20 lbs., the mass product will support more than 60 lbs. This is because for the bulk production a plastic material with a four times stronger tensile strength can be used for the inner parts.