To estimate the sales potential we did the following:

+ Market survey

An independent market research institute made a market survey end of 2014. The video of the Liftyfit home page was shown to office employees of smaller and medium sized enterprises, students and home office users in Germany. This group makes up to about 7 million people of the whole population in Germany. Ten questions were asked. About 200 persons answered, 75 % of them said that they were using notebooks or tablets for many hours every day.

More than 80 % of these notebook/tablet users answered that they would like to switch between the sitting and standing position and that Liftyfit is a possible product that they would consider to buy.

In total, 25 % of all answers said that Liftyfit
- would be an alternative for them and
- the measures of Liftyfit would be fine for them and
- the price of about 200 € would be reasonable for them (we didn`t ask for lower prices).

25 % of the above mentioned group, meaning 1.7 million possible Liftyfit users out of 80 million persons in Germany, means that the market potential is about 2-3 % of all inhabitants, as users in large corporations were not covered in this survey.

+ Health driven estimation

According to a German federal state publication in 2011, 17 million persons were working with PCs. 30% (5 million) of them were complaining about back, shoulder or neck pain. About half of them used notebooks (2.5 million) at that time. We thought that about a third of them see the correlation with often and long sitting work and would be willing to buy means against it. These would be about 750,000 possible Liftyfit users in Germany alone, about 1 % of all inhabitants.

+ World wide market

If we sum up the 300 million inhabitants in the USA and 150 million in the European countries with Liftyfit patents, we can assume about 2 % of 450 million possible Liftyfit users in total, thus 9 million. We believe that sales could reach about 1 to 5 % of them as buyers each year, thus 90,000 to 450,000 yearly. Additionally, a significant number of Liftyfits may be sold in other countries.